Gaetano Borgo in his priest experience went everywhere; he collected photograms of lives in the meeting with the boys' eyes and the warmth of people; how many names and how many stories told in these songs… Day by day he saw and touched the God presence everywhere, in every part.

These songs are like streets for meeting and talking to the young people nowadays, and they are a sign of friendship for the people that walk and stand by them in their life.
The musical inspiration is accompanied by words linked to the Holy Scriptures, to the Psalms prayers and the to the extraordinary life of S. Francis d'Assisi.

Gaetano Borgo performed as a singer in more than two hundreds concerts; he met groups and associations, dioceses and parishes. In foreign countries, with his music, he visited many Italian communities, in particular the cities of Mainz, Francoforte, Basilea, Berna, Annency, Lourdes, Montreal, Hamilton, New York, Chicago, Neaples, Immokalee, Miami, Porto Alegre, Iconha, Vitoria, San Paulo.

Gaetano Borgo has realized: Ovunque tu ci sei (You are in every part), Respiro (Breath), Un canto nella notte (A song in the night), L’amore è per sempre (Love is forever), Se uno vuol essere il primo (If someone wants to be the first), Il mio cielo è blu (My sky is blue), Ero ammalato e mi avete visitato (I was ill and you visited me), Gaetravels, Oggi è festa (Today is holiday), La pace che mi piace (The peace that I like).